Hockey player makes premier team

I train athletes year round.  All kinds of athletes…from baseball to soccer to football to tennis.  I am even working with a HOCKEY athlete!

I have been working with hockey athlete, Cameron, for a year now.  His parents came to me in Spring 2016 and asked me to help Cameron improve his speed and agility.  Improving speed and agility helps tremendously with hockey fitness and strength….and overall athleticism.

But, we work on the whole body….doing exercises to increase strength in legs, core, and upper body.  These contribute to increases in speed and agility.

Here is Cameron in action doing “skaters” with the ViPR.

Cameron has increased his core strength, as well.  The “body saw” (below) is an advanced core exercise.  It is harder than it looks!

We also work on power.  Here is Cameron doing a upper body power exercise.

This hockey athlete works hard and diligently with me each week.  His goal has been to make a premier hockey club team in Dallas.  He just got word that he made it!  I’m so proud of him!  All his hard work has paid off.