Movement Prep

When I work with young athletes, I begin each training session with foam rolling, activation, and stretching before we start moving.  I call it “movement prep”….prepping the body for the movement to come.  Foam rolling can help decrease muscle density and allow for a better warm-up so we start with rolling.  Then we use bands and stretches, targeting the hips, hamstrings, quads.  I stress the importance of all of this to my athletes, but most–if not all–need to “see” it to believe it.

Here is a split picture of an athlete I worked with recently.  I had him do a toe touch first.  Then repeated the toe touch after each movement prep exercise.

Left: prior to foam rolling.  Middle: after foam rolling.  Right: after foam rolling and activation/stretching.

It was a good way to show him the difference each activity makes on his body.

So the next time you exercise, first foam roll….then activate and stretch and see what a difference this “movement prep” makes on your training session.