Patterns Are Set Early

I taught preschool for 22 years.  Three year olds.  It was awesome!  I loved teaching these little ones and looked forward to each day with them.
I went to many, many workshops over those 22 years, getting my 16-18 continuing education hours each year.  One particular area we had to get CE hrs in was: speech in young children.  What problems to look for and when to recommend professional speech evaluation.  We went to workshops, had speech therapists come to our preschool and do workshops….and we actually went to some of the local speech therapists’ clinics.
One thing we learned in all of these settings:  speech problems are common….but if caught early, can be remedied with just a few months of treatment.
The speech therapists said the longer the speech problem goes untreated, the longer that pattern gets ingrained in the child’s speech.  Then….it takes longer to remedy the problem.
It is kind of the same thing with running.  The earlier the correct pattern can be practiced, the easier it is to “stick” with the athlete.
That’s why my camps are for athletes 8 years old and older.  The earlier I can teach correct sprint mechanics to a child, the better!
But, it is NEVER too late to learn and practice proper sprint mechanics.  We can still make great improvements in just a few sessions.
If you want some sprint training for your athlete, we are offering Speed & Agility camps for Summer 2019.
              Speed & Agility #1     June 3-6         8:30-10:30 a.m.
              Speed & Agility #2     June 10-13     8:30-10:30 a.m.
For more information, go to our “Camps” page.  You can download the camp forms there.
Let me help your athlete improve their running form, get faster, quicker, stronger, and more conditioned.
And start good run “patterning” early!